Both Morocco and Algeria have not yet reached a level of sustainable economic development which should be reflected on the well being of their sustainable social development, whereas the majority of both the Moroccan and Algerian populations are enjoying the adequate minimum delivery and availability of requirements in housing, education, training, employment, food, clothing, health maintenance systems, recreational facilities and physical fitness.


Although both countries Gross National Products have doubled since 2004 reaching for Algeria 301 billion dollars and for Morocco 100 billion dollars, the indicators of socio-economic development for both populations are far too low and leave a lot to be desired by the peoples of both countries who wants to see change in their life time.


Both countries have an abundance of young people who can be harnessed and are ready to participate in reaching the long hoped for and sought after sustainable economic development. Both countries have abundant resources and both countries have people with brains who have and continue to figure out how to navigate towards sustainable economic development in spite of the outside medling in their ability to grow their economies and in spite of the harsh terms of society imposes on them.


Why is the Algerian leadership so antagonistic to Morocco’s territorial integrity? Instead of loosening the tight knot it has put around the neck of its population and planting seeds of hate towards Morocco based on fear mongering and by presenting Morocco, as a malicious neighbor with  evil intentions towards Algeria, the Algerian leadership is currently supporting a large scale propaganda machine against Morocco.  It is clear that the Algerian people have been subjected by all types of "info" showing Morocco as the aggressor and the “Neighbor to hate”. Of course, not all the Algerians are buying into  these attempted manipulations.



The Algerian leadership is fully aware that the Moroccans and their King will not give up the [Western] Sahara.  Why does not the Algerian leadership withdraw its support for the separatists Polisario Front that it has propted for years and free up the Sahrawi detained in the Tindouf camps?  Some alluded to the notion that the Algerian leadership will not do that because of their "pride”, while others  alluded to the notion that Algeria is a major regional power which means it can do what it wants in the region. It can even create an artificial republic on Moroccan territory.  What a reckless audacity, lack of guidance and lack of political vision! This type of behavior is suicidal to the Algerian leadership! 


The foundation of peace in the region is sustained economic development which benefits the largest segment of the population in both countries.  If the Algerian leadership continues in its policy path and its illusion  of being a "major regional power", it may find itself in a mess if Morocco decides to launch its historical tribal extension strategy which dates back to the time of the Mourabitin dynasty and was extended by the Alawite dynasty.  This means that Morocco, Mauretania, Mali, Niger, Chad and Senegal will form an economic and political federation to create sustainable economic development for their people.  The southern tribal population of Morocco is the natural extension of the tribal populations in Mauretania, Mali, Niger, Chad and Senegal may they be Senhaja, Fulani, Mandingo, Bambara,Tuareg or others.  The Mourabitaim, Saadin and Alwite dynasties find all their roots in the populations of these regions of the world. As a historical fact, Timbuktu used to be the southern capital of the Mourabitin dynasty. It is extremely natural that these populations embark on a strategy to engage in sustainable economic development for their well being.  Algeria should be welcomed to join and play a positive role to contribute to the attainment of sustainable economic development in the region.  If it does not, it will be isolated!