Are Algerians fed-up of their government’s support of the Polisario?

There is a change of time and mood in Algeria. Are Algerians tired of their government’s support and the media’s encouragement of the Polisario?

In any case, this is what seems to emerge on social networks where several Algerians users have grown resentful of the media’s unanimous treatment of the issue, while not allowing much room to original thinking.

Monday 11 February’s issue of Algeria Confluences, was devoted to the ‘New Victories of the Saharawi People’, which sparked sarcastic comments on the web. Several comments stigmatized “an issue created from scratch to divert the attention of Algerian people from fixing the real problem”. They also expressed their outrage against subjects dictated by the “telephone line instead of the editorial line.”

Several Algerians users were even sure about the fact that the Sahara would “cause readers to flee these newspapers.”  

According to several observers in Algeria, the Sahara issue is a highly irritating issue for the majority of the public. People are fed-up of a “false cause” that they cannot identify themselves with personally. The main concern of the average Algerian is the economy.

Regarding policy, the Arab Spring and the sclerosis of the Algerian political system are far ahead in the hit parade.