Political Relations


- 1976 : Establishment of diplomatic relations by the appointment of Australia's ambassador in Paris as non-resident ambassador to Morocco. Appointment of Mr Terrence Mullane as honorary consul of Morocco in Sydney;

- 1997 : Presentation of Letters of Credence in Australia, for the first time, by HE Mr Omar Hilale, ambassador of His Majesty the King in Jakarta;

- 18/06/2001 : Establishment of a Moroccan-Australian parliamentary friendship group within the Parliament of Australia;

- 28/04/2004 : Presentation of the Letters of Credence in Australia by HE Mr Abderrahman Drissi, ambassador of His Majesty the King in Jakarta;

- October 2005 : Presentation by Mrs Penelope Anne Wensley of the Letters of Credence as ambassador of Australia to Morocco with residence in Paris;

- 24 November 2005 : H.E. Mr Badre Eddine ALLALI presented his Letters of Credence to H.E. Major-General Michael Jeffrey, Gouvernor-General of the Commonwealth of Australia, as ambassador of HM the King in Canberra.


Bilateral Visits


To Morocco


- Visit of an Australian parliamentary delegation (1993);

- Participation of an Australian parliamentary delegation in the 107th Conference of the Inter-Parliamentary Union, which took place in Marrakech from 17 to 23 March 2002;

- Visit of a delegation of the Australian company "Woodside" to explore opportunities on offshore oil prospection in Morocco (22-23 January 2003);

- Visit of Mrs Jane Madden, permanent delegate of Australia to the UNESCO in Paris (26-29 June 2003);

- Visit of Australian parliamentary delegation (12-16 November 2005) to explore the potential for trade and investment in Morocco;

- Visit of Australian parliamentary delegation (27-31 August 2006) to gain an understanding of the parlementary system in Morocco and an appreciation of the key political, economic and social issues;

- Visit of Mr Eric Cantwell, General-Consul of Australia in Tripoli (Libya) and representative of AUSTRADE in charge of North Africa.


To Australia


- Visit of a Moroccan economic delegation, headed by the Secretary of State of Commerce, Industry and Handicraft (1997);

- Organization of a seminar in Sydney on the Moroccan economy (March 2000);

- Visit of the Minister of Youth and Sports as head of the official Moroccan delegation to the Olympic Games in Sydney (September 2000);

- Visit of Mr Mustapha Mansouri, Minister of Employment and Vocational Training, (July 2005).

- Visit of a Moroccan parliamentary delegation headed by Mr. Abdelwahad Radi, Speaker of the House of Representatives (6-11 August 2007)


Morocco's Trade relations with Australia


Exports: A$36 Millions (2006). Fertilizers (including crude), integrated circuits, prepared seafood,


Imports : A$23 Millions (2006). Toys, games and sporting goods, meat (excluding bovine), milk and cream, cheese and curd


Legal Framework


1-Agreement signed- Agreement between the Australia-Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Moroccan Federation of Chambers of Commerce, Industry and Services, signed in March 2000;


2-Draft Agreements:


- Draft agreement on trade;

- Draft agreement on the promotion and protection of investments;

- Draft sanitary and veterinary agreement;

- Draft convention for the avoidance of double taxation;

- Draft convention on extradition;

- Draft memorandum of intent on importing cultivars;

- Draft agreement for the establishment of a business council.

- Proposal of a bilateral cooperation in the agricultural sector (cattle breeding and seeds).