Fair and transparent trial in the Gdeim Izig case

The Leadership Council for Human Rights has been made aware of the reports drafted by International observers who attended the trial of the 25 defendants. These defendants were accused and convicted of bruttaly killing 11 unarmed security guards during the dismantling of the 2010 Gdeim Izik protest camp set in Laayoun in south Morocco.


Among the international observers who attended the trial were four Italian jurists [D.ssa Sara Baresi, Dr. Massimiliano Boccolini, Dr. Francesco De Remigis and D.ssa Velia Iacovino. Their report showed that the defendants were provided with all the tools for a fair and transparent trial. According to this report, the defendants had access to international observers, journalists and human rights activists who were attending the trial. This underlines the commitment of the Moroccan authorities to respect the rule of law and to preserve the dignity and freedom of all Moroccans. The Leadership Council for Human Rights is very satisfied with the outcome of the trial.


According to the international observers’ reports, the military court spent a whole day debating its jurisdiction until everyone agreed that the murders committed were against security guards and therefore the case falls under the jurisdiction of a military court. This is a strong sign of fairness and transparency.


The Leadership Council for Human Rights is thankful to all who attended the trial and were able to be objective observers, including the activists who went to the trial and ended up describing the proceedings as being both fair and transparent.