Framework-Agreement on Sahara: Baker's plan .

Morocco responded to the Council's aspirations expressing "its readiness to engage, with the other party, in a sincere and open dialogue concerning the dispute" with a view to reach a lasting and final solution that takes into account the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Morocco as well as the region's own characteristics.

The acceptance by Morocco to support a devolution of power "to all inhabitants and former inhabitants of the territory, that is genuine, tangible and in accordance with international norms", paved the way for Mr. James Baker to submit a draft framework agreement which, using the Secretary General's word in his report of 20 June 2001, "aims at reaching an early, durable and agreed resolution of the conflict over Western Sahara in a way that does not foreclose self-determination, but indeed provides for it".

By its resolution 1359 of 29 June 2001, the Security Council confirmed the Framework Agreement and "encouraged the parties to discuss the draft Framework Agreement and to negotiate any specific changes they would like to see in this proposal, as well as to discuss any other proposal for a political solution, which may be put forward by the parties, to arrive at a mutually acceptable agreement".


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