Monitoring of human rights in the Sahara: An Algerian Trojan Horse

The recommendation of Ban Ki Moon, in his recent report on the matter to the Sahara,of "an independent monitoring of human rights" in the camps of Tindouf Polisario and the southern provinces of Morocco, has resulted in the RFK Center bluster on the Wall Street Journal, claiming victory in what they consider their permanent war against Morocco.

In anticipation of a new resolution to extend the mandate of MINURSO in the Sahara, the United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon presented a report on the activities of the UN military mission as well as developments in the peace process in the region. 

In line with these recommendations to members of the Security Council,Ban  Ki-Moon, came to advise on the need for an independent mission to monitor human rights in Tindouf camps and southern provinces. 

In his report, Ban Ki Moon cited in high esteem, the gigantic Morocco developments on the issue of human rights, such as the creation of the CNDH in accordance with the Paris Principles, something still lacking in Algeria, its diplomacy checkbook, working to buy mercenary votes in the United States and elsewhere, whose sole mission is to conduct a political and media war against the kingdom. 

Ban Ki Moon wants an independent mission to monitor human rights, something that Morocco, since 2011, applied, inviting to its territories  both north and south, the UN Rapporteur against Torture and the international monitoring missions of human rights, Western diplomatic missions and NGOs to which the doors of the kingdom were wide open with no concealments. 

This is against the part or Algeria, where violence and violations of human rights arethe  daily bread of the people and the Polisario, where rape, torture and deportations are the lives of Saharawi prisoners, especially when they are free spirits expressing their opinions bluntly, neither one nor the other, has the credit to  voice or talk  about or even say the word, human rights. 

Between Morocco with its built in advanced learning, its democracy, making the Sahara autonomous, it wants its starting point and its case study, generalised to the rest of its regions, and today  in Algeria there is an abyss, engulfing its people after dispossessing them of their riches, and the Polisario Front with its criminal slavery which are the two opposite models that the USA, the nation Human Rights, must choose between. 

Choose Morocco as a model of openness, commitment to just causes in the world since the World War in 1940, to the fight against terrorism post September 11, 2001, passing for its fight for a real peace process in the Near East, Morocco is in  the Security Council, to spearhead the fight for freedom against terrorists in Mali from Algeria, and the struggle for the freedom of the Syrian people against the regime of Bashar al-Assad supported by Algeria. 

Or Choose the Algerian regime  simply for the money of the people whch does not  benefit them. 

The U.S., the nation that has desired since its inception to be virtuous, combining pragmatism with a kind of humanistic piety, could alienate the Moroccan people, if it has the misfortune to undermine its territorial integrity and its national unity which is beyond,the geographical, legal and historical context,  it is human. 

A U.S. President George W. Bush wrote to King Mohammed VI  years ago, conveying his understanding that the Sahara was a high priority for the Moroccan people. 

Bush and his administration and beyond them, the continuous state in America that alternates policies and  change, understand that it is the strength of Morocco, against the Algerian military oligarchy and the Polisario  Front, and their forced American RFK Center or  a Spanish filmmaker or interested NGOs who can not understand or refuse to admit. 

Attacking Morocco,its rights in the Sahara, they attack the Moroccan people , they commit despicable racism against Moroccans who poured their blood on the toughest battlefields in the world against the Nazis and Fascists in Europe, and to restore peace in Africa, side by side with the Americans. 

These include a U.S. diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks which tell us, they never believed in the viability of an independent entity in the Sahara, to the point that they were ready in 2009 to pass a UN resolution to this effect. 

Algeria and its tool, the Polisario, both point to the violation of human rights, which have been the subject of a Trojan horse, for they believe,  it undermines from with in Morocco's sovereignty over its territories, and pays dearly, with money from the impoverished Algerian people for NGOs such as the RFK Center, to sing victory in the columns of the Walt Street Journal, and even before the vows Ban Ki Moon from becoming a UN draft a resolution of victory by deceit, with lies which are the celebration of the consecration of misinformation. 

 Morocco forges ahead in the unity, serenity and strength of its legitimacy, which, only real people, real nations, grant.