We live in an increasingly intermingled, connected, globalized world that is volatile and apparently changing in all aspects of life. The occurrence of an incident, economically, socially, politically, may reach worldwide attention. We tend to affect one another more now than at any previous time, due to the importance and influence the mass media and communication that our current technology endowed us with. Thus, it is no longer acceptable to be a non-participant audience. We need reliable sources of information about the world we live in, and in a form that is readily accessible with today’s evolving technology. This online-based media outlet has been created to fill the chasm of misunderstanding and ambiguity about Morocco and broadly about the Maghreb among English-speaking people.



Speaking the truth, disseminating the truth, and raising questions about the truth are the main principles guiding the work of Morocco World News. We consider transparency to be of colossal value. Openness, constructive communication and accountability is a chief impetus for us. Information ought to be clear and understandable to all in order for it to be of the best possible value. Freedom of information serves as the pivotal fuel that energizes and encourages transparency. An everyday discussion of political themes will be brought to the table and shared with our readers. Our neutrality prompts us to avoid judging the validity or importance of an opinion. It is the virtue of delivering information in an open platform with total objectivity. Therefore, neutral attitude means to provide all available stances to the public concerning any given topic regardless of political, religious, or ethnic backgrounds. It is a duty of Morocco World News to work as a mediator that will simplify dialogue between people from different backgrounds.   Having a flexible blue print is undoubtedly an integral part of coherent and constructive argumentation. It is the ability whereby one tests the extent of coping with changes in circumstances and thinking of problems and dilemmas in a creative and subtle way. In other words, it is no longer helpful to form one’s opinion out of dogmatism and fanaticism, for it is imperative to rely on reason and logic while writing or giving one’s viewpoint on any given issue.