Sahara Issue: Washington-Rabat Ties, " Business As Usual"

Many Moroccan and Western media, for endless weeks, have speculated about the situation in the Sahara and the future role of the MINURSO there, including the so-called monitoring the situation of human rights in this sparsely populated area, as if the Sahara was a " terra nullius ".

This brought on the track a fog of doubt and suspicion on the fate of secular relations and strategic alliance between Rabat and Washington. Alliance, which remember us  once again, back in reality to the date of 1787. And this is indeed the date of ratification of the "Treaty of Peace and Friendship" between the Kingdom and the United States, newly independent at the time.

Unfortunately, an unpredictable situation was there, giving " cold sweats," to policy makers, said politicians and Western diplomats in Rabat,  as the "issue of the Sahara" which is the unanimity  of the Moroccan people, would rush into a dangerous and labyrinth political and diplomatic hopeless.

At the end, the farsighted wisdom prevailed, because in 48 hours prior to the verdict of the United Nations Security Council, Washington has done “a step backward” to "abandon the idea of including" the human rights issue in the mandate of the United Nations Mission (MINURSO), says AFP, in a cable from New York.

+Al Alam+, the mouthpiece of the old-guard Istiqlal  party, in a Scoop on the front page, wrote that King Mohammed VI had "an important and decisive role" that led the U.S. Administration, to understand the "legitimacy" of the Moroccan position. Al Alam, further stressed that Obama had ordered "the removal of the U.S. proposal" at the Security Council."


By Ali Bouzerda