Sahara: a letter From a Moroccan to her friends the Americans

The United States is in an urgent need to understand the real significance of Human Rights. No, human rights do not mean a way to control the others. No, human rights do not mean a lie to deviate people from reality. No, human rights do not mean a weapon that one may use to threaten and intimidate the others. Dear United States human rights are “commonly understood as inalienable fundamental rights to which a person is inherently entitled simply because she or he is a human being.”


If there is no human being, so by definition, we cannot talk about their rights. Please for once try to open your eyes and accept the reality. There is no more time left for games, the Moroccan Sahara issue needs to be solved urgently. There is a huge threat for the lives of the people in the region and for the world. If you really care about human rights, then start by helping to save their lives rather that encouraging the establishment of a terrorist territory in the Europeans doors.


Presenting a resolution to the UN Security Council asking to give the MINURSO power to control Human rights in the Moroccan Sahara will not solve the problem. It will rather create another one. By doing so, you will gravely harm the interests of an historical US ally. You will violate the rights of the 35 million Moroccan by encroaching on their sovereignty in their country. You will hurt the first country that recognized the United States. You will destabilize the only stable country in the region. You will simply open a door for terrorists to get access to the Moroccan Sahara. Hence, one may ask what are the reasons for such a useless, offensive, and humiliating resolution?


Could it really be the RFK organization that is behind all of this? Can this NGO, which is close to the power, create the biggest problem in the relations between two old friends and allies? We are talking about security cooperation against terrorism, we are talking about free trade agreement, and we are talking about strong political relations. Is the RFK organization more important than all of this?


However, morocco will not remain silent. Morocco got the testimonies of several world leaders for being an exception in the region for all the efforts made over the past 10 years. We have a constitution that was adopted by more than 90% of the population. We have a national council for human rights which is defending the Moroccan rights. And more importantly, we have three different ethnics groups, Arabs, Amazighs and Hsaini, who are leaving in a total security in their country. Therefore, we will not allow anyone to touch our security. If terrorism is no more an issue for the US it is still a big one for the Moroccans and we will not allow it on our territories.


The Moroccan territories are a holly matter for its population, and no one has the right to touch them.

By Zineb Louh


Morocco World News