Many have highlighted the importance of adopting a new strategy to address the issues concerning the Sahara. In effect, we must be more selective in choosing the people who will defend our national priorities. We do not have to follow the same policies and entrust the same coaches and the same players who were behind our missteps.

We must create a leading team of journalists, intellectuals and activists who understand the intricate details dealing with the Sahara. A team equipped with communication competencies and a readiness to defend our national cause nationally and internationally, and is able to convince those who doubt the Moroccan standpoint in the language of the international audiences.

Secondly, we should not send whomever to represent our country and our people at  international conferences, as was the case with this year’s World Social Forum held in Tunisia. Many are beginning to question the measures followed to send  individuals with shallow understandings of the political, cultural and historical alphabets of the issue of the Sahara to represent us at international meetings.

Frankly speaking, some people went to Tunisia just for the sake of tourism and enjoying themselves. They went there to drink all kinds of Tunisian beer and wonder in its bars and nightclubs. Others seized the opportunity to bring their girlfriends with them. Such behavior should not be accepted; yet sadly, it is recurrently repeated.

Thirdly, civil society should be encouraged to work in the field of spreading the values of unity, integrity, citizenship and reviving and watering the feelings of belonging to our beloved country. The associations working in this field and in the southern provinces should invite educated youth who are willing to work voluntarily to defend our national unity.

Civil society should be independent, responsible, models and committed to their objectives without being used by others and for other purposes as is the case in the Sahara now. Some presidents of civil associations and organizations have a bad reputation in the region and this is an obstacle as those who can not defend their bodies and their reputation can never defend our country, religion or culture.

Moreover, the political parties that get our public funds should open their offices in the southern provinces and get in daily contact with the people of the Sahara, listen to their sufferings, problems, needs and educate them on the important values of patriotism, nationalism and love of the homeland.

In brief, working on the ground in the Sahara, mobilizing our intellectuals and political and cultural elites, energizing civil society and selecting the most worthy individuals to defend our national cause should be a priority. Otherwise, we will be harvesting the same biter and deadening fruits.

Leaving the stadium empty is the best gift we can give to the enemies of our national unity to help them spread the ills of separatism between our children and our youth both inside and outside the country. Moroccans should be aware of these tactics and react before it is too late.

Rachid Khouya


Morocco World News