Sahara: When the US uses the UN to turn its back to a long-standing ally

“ Nothing in the world is so exhilarating as to be shot at without result.” Winston Churchill


Some UN members states could not have chosen a more imprudent and unwise way of turning themselves into a colonialist beast of prey than by pressing the Security Council to accepting to vote on the draft proposal backed by the United States.

It is clear that by deciding to take such unreasonable step in this mysterious direction, the UN is testing the extent to which Moroccans are willing to abject to this new measure, which is by all accounts very repulsive and humiliating in character.

This initiative, that emerged out of the blue, is surely unconstructive and only aims at causing more difficulties to the Moroccan government, whose only fault is accepting to play by the rules and abiding completely by their contractual obligations.

So by commissioning such a draft proposal of such ill-advised nature by its peace-keeping forces and trying to translate it into some official interference license into the Moroccan interior affairs, the UN is abusing and misusing its power and in doing, it does a disservice to the notion of peace.

Playing around with these type of procedures has but one consequence in the aftermath: it infringes on the liberty and sovereignty of a country known for its tolerance and open-mindedness, and which is renowned for its mutual friendship on all levels with America as well as the world.

Some influential UN member states are unfortunately searching for more power and more authority at the expense of a country that has been doing everything right since its young king succeeded to the throne thirteen years ago and launched a reform endeavor rarely seen in the Arab world.

But I respectfully would not care about this initiative on behalf of this widely notorious organization called UN. When it comes to the intruding authority of brand of statements I tend to believe devotedly in the following saying by Bernard Shaw: “Always contradict an authoritative statement.”

I must enhance the previous wisdom by adding to it my own remark, “ Especially if that authoritative statement is cooked unethically in the back rooms of a big establishment such as the UN, and especially when it is not sound and contradicts, even by a small margin, the norms of conventional wisdom and historical facts.”

And if all previous American governments from the time of Thomas Jefferson and John Adams all the way to George W. Bush have always classified Morocco among the countries that never exhibited bad behavior amidst the third world countries, then what all of sudden made this particular American government and its package of NGO Human Rights Watch Organizations, and the country’s ambassador to the UN, and all the confusing Kerries, chase the path of hostility towards one of its most loyal friends? Why is the current American government seeking to kill the friendship and all that sincerity that comes with it? Is all this due to just a pure rude blindness in action?

If the UN’s goal as an international peace organization is to promote cooperation, human security and peace, then before taking a step in this direction, it has to start questioning the moral norms within the ranks of its own establishment. And prior to trying to cook up a sneaky strategy with the aim to control and monitor Human Rights abuses within Moroccan territory, it has to stop ignoring human rights abuses in Algeria and in the Tindouf camps which are committed by some self-hating Moroccan Sahrawis. Because trying to strip Morocco of its legitimate authority and its ability to exercise this authority from Tangier to Lagouira, the United States demonstrates openly that, through the UN, it is seeking power through intimidation.

This intention of course is not proper and will always be indefensible by any UN official given the long path and substantial process of reform and improvement that Moroccan human affairs and practices have been subjected to throughout the past years.

Had the UN officials been just slightly awake from their sleep, they might well have been able to see all these achievements. But instead they chose not to see all that progress.

However, if liberalism and peace is what this world institution is advocating then what is more liberal and forgiving in the Islamic world than Morocco?

By trying to adopt this proposal, the UN has proved to the world, and specifically to us Moroccans, that it is aiming to demote Morocco from its humble place among the nations who choose love and peace and gradual evolution and progress over other pursuits.

Now as much as I dread to be serious and stiff in expressing myself, I found myself today very compelled to do so. And writing in this way I am hoping with all my heart that the content of this writing would have some effect on the people that are trying to mess with Morocco in the most brutal and dishonest fashion.

And before I finish I would like to urge all Moroccans residing in America to remain calm and reasonable in the face of this selective targeting until some sort of peaceful march materializes in the near future.

By Mustapha Azayi