Sahara - Who is the fun AMDH?

AMDH is the Moroccan Association for Human Rights. A name that reflects neutral organization fighting for a noble cause, the protection of human rights. This is the facade. For AMDH is an association run by members Annahj Addimocrati, a party of the extreme left Moroccan heir Ila Alamam Marxist-lenniniste movement once forbidden, which was one of the specific position for Sahara independence, political stance that has earned more severe sanctions of its members, Morocco considering the Sahara as an integral part of its territory. 's party is too little popular because of its positions not compatible with Moroccan society (Atheism Marxism-Lenninisme, Sahara ...), its members are active in union structures and civil society fields that offer them greater legitimacy and the contact with the company. As leaders AMDH as its president Khadija Riyadi or his vice president Amine Abdelhamid were senior executives Annahj and officially left office within the party for functions in associations and unions. So even acting in the fields of human rights, AMDH, led by the top executives Annahj, the fact that the ideology and strategy of the party. AMDH has a section on the city of Laayoune in the Sahara. Given its position on the issue - which are those of the party - you can easily guess what stuff are members of this. Anyone interested in the subject knows that the assets of the separatist territory of the Sahara are connected and supervised by the Polisario and Algerian authorities, with whom they coordinate their actions. On this background one understands the last release report AMDH on some events, small indeed, but distinguished by a lot of violence and provocation by the protesters, and simulation shots of people pretending to pass out to better blame the police, as reflected in several videos on the Internet and elsewhere. The report contains serious allegations against the Moroccan security forces. There is a question of strange practices such as the use of bladed weapons against the demonstrators. When we know that the police have other material on is reluctant to give anyone credibility to these allegations. And when we know that the knives are part of the arsenal of agents Polisario they used lores events Gdem Izik eg slaughter of unarmed police members, we can guess that everyone uses . language it is the closest An article on the site that cites AMDH in reaction to denial of Moroccan authorities published a reckless and suicidal sentence: "The section of Laayoune is autonomous but we solidarity and we trust them. " In a matter of such importance that the Sahara leaders AMDH adopt at national level, a report by a local, without verification, without "double-check". The only method is to "trust." The article suggests that no leader of the AMDH has moved to the scene, but they put so blind association available to members which can suspect very close with separatism as directed and supervised by Algeria and the Polisario. An image of a young wounded protester at knifepoint by the allegations in the report, said the events Gdem Izik and scandal images . rigged made by agents of the Polisario to Spanish media that published without verification would be important, but also interesting, verify, independently, and places, how this report - based on "trust" - was made . More than a political question This is a matter of principle and justice.

Salah Bourezza