To believe that the Western countries which created the problem of the Sahara will resolve it today is non-sense. Our problem is hundred percent Moroccan and will be solved by Moroccans, for Moroccans and inside our country.


Spain and France divided Morocco into the North and South a century ago and are seemingly still interested in renewing this partition. I strongly believe that any conscious collaboration with entities that question our national integrity should be read as a standpoint of treason against Morocco and its people.


If we choose to subscribe to the advice of Spain and France, we will, without a doubt, lose the Sahara, the North, the South, our culture, our people, our religion, our identity and perhaps even ourselves. We will be colonized, or more appropriately, re-colonized.


In order to strengthen our nation, we must begin by fortifying the domestic front and fostering a truthful and strong education on citizenship all over the country so as to diminish the virus of separatism that is threatening all regions of our kingdom.


Spain is believed to be handing out citizenship for many people in Southern Morocco, on the grounds that the people who lived under Spanish colonial rule should be considered as Spanish citizens.


Can anyone convince me that this initiative is really an expression of love by Spain for the people it once colonized? I certainly highly doubt the intentions behind this scheme.


France and Spain must apologize to all Moroccans for the suffering they inflicted upon them during the colonial era and for creating the conflict of the Sahara.


They have put the nail where it should not be and have been hitting the nail where it should not be hit. The nail should be hit on the head. The Moroccans have the hammer and the hand to solve it. Either they help us with altruistic intentions, or leave us solve our problem on our own.

By Rachid Khouya

Morocco World News

Smara, Morocco, April 5, 2013

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