Like all Moroccans and especially Moroccan Americans, I was shocked and dismayed to learn about the latest American position concerning the Moroccan Sahara issue. The State Department proposed amendment to the United Nations (U.N.) Mission for the Referendum in Western Sahara (MINURSO) is very wrong and will not help to resolve the conflict.

To the contrary, it will hurt the chances of a resolution as it undermines the Moroccan Autonomy proposal which was seen by many including the US as the best prospect to find a just and permanent solution to this long lasting conflict. The new American position could also jeopardize the strategic partnership and the excellent relationship that has existed between the two countries for over two hundred years.

As a Moroccan American who cares and loves both the US and Morocco, I deplore the State Department position and demand that it is reversed. I call on all Moroccan Americans and my fellow American citizen to speak out against this decision and to demand that the US changes its position on this matter. 

I kindly request that you contact the White House, the State Department and your Congress representative and make your voice heard. We want our representatives to know that we strongly disagree with this proposal and we want the US to reconsider its position for the sake of peace, justice and stability in the area.

Moroccan Americans need to wake up from their prolonged lethargy and raise the awareness of their representatives over the threats looming over the Maghreb and the Sahel regions. It is time that we stood up, educated the American people about the multiple facets of this issue and its implications for the stability of the Maghreb and show the other side of the coin, away from any manipulation or politicization of human rights.

By Ahmed Yanouri