Western Sahara: Morocco emerged strengthened the showdown at the UN (The Point)

The French weekly Le Point is back on the last diplomatic battle which took place at the UN around the extension of the mandate of MINURSO in Western Sahara, noting that Morocco has finally emerged stronger from this standoff was opposed to Algeria by the Polisario. 


Morocco was surprised by the U.S. Ambassador to the UN Susan Rice, who presented a draft resolution to this effect to the "Group of Friends of the Sahara." She finally had to withdraw at the request of other members of this group countries (France, Spain, Great Britain and Russia). This initiative has stopped all diplomatic channels and Morocco, as pointed out by the article in Le Point, saw the intervention of King Mohammed VI in person. The chérifien sovereign who used his influence, the other members of the Group of Friends of the Sahara have been quick to distance themselves from the U.S. initiative. Discontent King has even been felt across the Atlantic, with the cancellation of military exercises that were scheduled between Morocco and the United States.


However, Morocco is a country that is actively engaged in the international fight against terrorism and supported the French war effort in Mali. A commitment which the United perhaps the last bastion of Europe against AQIM and the wave of terrorism from the Sahel. The French president is aware of this role is to support Morocco's position, especially in the Western Sahara conflict which opposes Polisario backed by Algeria. In his last official visit to Morocco, Francois Hollande held to remember that the autonomy proposal is a "serious and credible basis and for a negotiated solution. "Moreover, the autonomy plan proposed by Morocco is seen by a large part of the international community as a guarantee of stability in a region subject to threats of all kinds of jihadist groups and separatists.

translation : Polisario TID