The Western Sahara Debate : EP07 with Mr. Shaibata Mrabih Rabou

In the seventh episode of the Sahara Debate, Mr. Shaibata Mrabih Rabou, President of the Sahara Center for Studies and Reseach on Development and Human Rights, provides us with a three-pronged analysis of the regional dispute on the Moroccan Sahara. First of all, he deconstructs the myth of the representativeness of "polisario" by underlining the role of Algerian-sponsored repression in the Tindouf camps in ensuring the survival of this armed militia. He then gives us a walkthrough of the achievements made in terms of development and human rights in the Moroccan Sahara, and refutes certain fallacious allegations regarding natural resources in the Sahara. He concludes by highlighting the status of Algeria as a main party to the regional dispute on the Moroccan Sahara.