Myths and Realities: Understand the Sahara Issue

The Embassy of Morocco decided to share this podcast on the Sahara issue because, we believe that relevant and accurate information should be provided, to each and every one, so to understand the roots, the dynamics and the prospects of this regional dispute, which is exclusively dealt with, by the UN Security Council. 

The Sahara issue is not for Morocco a mere item on the agenda of the UN Security Council. It rather represents a historical injustice done to Morocco in the recovery of its territorial integrity. It is indeed a matter linked to the dignity and sovereignty of the Moroccan people. 

One has to admit that many misconceptions persist regarding this issue. Outdated ideologies, political manipulations and irrelevant concepts often mislead public opinions. We believe that these messages need to be tackled and addressed seriously, since their first intention is to enshrine false allegations and blatant untruths.

It is important to understand the real dynamics on the ground since the separatist movement of the polisario has recently shown to the world its violent nature by threatening to breach the ceasefire in place since 1991 and calling for an open war. The Polisario armed militias are not showing any will or commitment to move forward in the UN-led political process to which Morocco remains fully committed. As an example, Algeria and Polisario are still calling today for a referendum, while the international community, the UN secretary general and the UN Security council have explicitly and since more than two decades buried the referendum as an option that could solve this regional dispute by calling instated the parties to work toward a political realistic and sustainable solution based on compromise.

I hope that the following podcast will help you get a brighter understanding of what is really going on at the time where the USA has recognized morocco’s sovereignty over the entire Sahara territory.