Omar Hilale said that Polisario is a “mere political tool in the hands of Algeria, and everyone knows it.”


During his briefing on the situation in Western Sahara on Wednesday, the UN secretary-general’s personal envoy for Western Sahara, Horst Kohler, suggested that Morocco and Polisario should compromise to find a solution to the conflict.


On the other hand, Morocco insists that Algeria take full part in direct negotiations and peace talks as the country is part of the conflict.


Commenting on Kohler’s speech, Morocco’s permanent representative to the United Nations, Omar Hilale, told Moroccan news outlet Hespress that negotiations on Western Sahara without the participation of Algeria is a “waste of time.” He also said that Morocco cannot accept any solution to the conflict other than its proposed autonomy plan.


He stated: “Rabat is definitely not ready for negotiations with a party [Polisario] that has no authority, no independence, and no power to make decisions on its own.”


“We do not want to waste time, we were frank with the UN Envoy by insisting that Algeria must take part in next negotiations,” Hilale stated.


Hilale pointed out that the UNSC member states advised Kohler to take precaution in proceeding to revive negotiations between the concerned parties, especially when it comes to Morocco’s proposals and autonomy plan to reach an agreed upon and mutually acceptable political solution to the decades-long conflict.


In its Resolution 2414 of April 27, 2018, the UN Security Council called on neighboring states, including Algeria, to contribute to the political process and to engage further in the negotiations.


Hilale considers the UNSC’s stance a positive one as it respects Morocco’s own claim for territorial integrity and autonomy plan.


According to Hilale, it is rather impossible to start negotiations at the moment because the issue needs “dialogue” more than “negotiations.”