President of Spanish government Pedro Sanchez was asked questions on Thursday about the crimes and abuses committed by the polisario against the Sahrawi populations held captive in the Camps of Tindouf, on the Algerian territory.

Chairman of the APDP Association (Association des portés disparus du polisario) Dahi Aguai, who is himself a victim of the atrocities perpetrated in the jails of the separatists, sent a letter to the president of the Spanish government in which he shed light on the torture practiced in polisario's prisons on the Algerian territory, noting that some of the polisario's torturers live on the Spanish territory.


"We have lodged a complaint against them with the Spanish courts because we have great confidence in the Spanish judiciary and government," he said, adding that "we pin our hopes in you Mr. president to help us recover our rights from the torturers who have stolen our youth."


"These torturers freely move in several European countries using Algerian diplomatic passports," said the APDP president.


Spaniards are among the victims of the polisario separatists, said Aguai, adding that he had witnessed the disappearance of five Spanish soldiers who were prisoners.


He also recalled the separatists' attack on the Spanish trawler "Tagomago".


The Spanish National Audience (Spain's Highest court) had accepted, in December 2007, a complaint against Polisario leaders and Algerian security and army officers for genocide, torture, enforced disappearances, illegal detention and serious violations of human rights. Among the defendants involved in this complaint is the leader of the separatists Brahim Ghali.