The UNSG report to the Security Council denounces the Polisario's hampering of MINURSO actions, notably the activities of the Special Representative and the free movement of the Mission's military observers.


In this regard, the Secretary-General informs the members of the Security Council, with great concern, of the refusal of the "Polisario" to receive in Rabbouni, Algeria, his Special Representative and Head of MINURSO, as well as the Commander of the military component, over a year after taking office. The "polisario" continues its hampering of the Mission's work and its challenge to the authority of the Security Council and the Secretary General.


The two high-rnaking officials of MINURSO categorically refuse to give in to the blackmail of the "polisario" to meet with them East of the defense structure. Indeed, to date, the "polisario" has not yet received these two MINURSO senior officials.


Faced with this situation, the UN Secretary-General urged the "polisario", in his recommendations, to put an end to his blackmail and to meet with the MINURSO senior officials in Rabbouni, Tindouf, in accordance with the long-established practice and not east of the defense structure.


By adopting this legal and clear position, the UN confirms that it does not recognize "Polisario" authority over any area of ​​the Moroccan Sahara. This refutes all the false propaganda spread by the "polisario" on the so-called "liberated territories".


Finally, it is worth noting that the report expresses concern over the ongoing violations by the "Polisario" of the cease-fire and military agreements, both in Guergarate and East of the defence structure.


He also denounced the obstructionist attitude of the "polisario" towards the MINURSO mandate to supervise the cease-fire, including by hindering its free movement.