The provocations of Polisario’s separatists in the East of the defense system in the Moroccan Sahara are a "desperate attempt that is doomed to fail like those that preceded it", said Thursday in Rabat, Minister delegate for relations with parliament and civil society, government spokesperson Mustapha El Khalfi.


The provocations of the "Polisario" intervene following the "significant achievements" that Morocco has accumulated in the last few years, El Khalfi pointed out at a press briefing following the weekly cabinet meeting.


He recalled, in this regard, the "great change" in the position of South Sudan which expressed its support for the Kingdom, as well as the intervention before the 4th Committee of the United Nations general assembly of elected representatives of Morocco’s southern provinces.


The minister also recalled the position of the European Union on the inclusion of the Moroccan Sahara in its agreements with Morocco, a position which, according to him, is going in the right direction and is experiencing significant developments, noting that the Personal envoy of the UN Secretary General sent Algeria the same invitation he did with Morocco.


The UN is intransigent as to the area east of the defense system in the Sahara and summons the "Polisario" to stop and refrain from transferring armed elements or administrative infrastructure to the region, the minister said, adding that "any violation of this situation puts the Polisario, and behind it Algeria, in confrontation not only with Morocco, but also with the UN".


The 4th Committee has made it clear that the Sahara issue is not a decolonization issue, but a question of territorial integrity, he said. 


The convening of this committee was also an opportunity to highlight the development witnessed by the Kingdom’s southern provinces and to shed light on the relevance of the autonomy plan presented by Morocco, in addition to the fact that the "Polisario" does not enjoy the legitimacy to claim to represent the populations of the Sahara.