Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell rejected on Tuesday, October the 30th, the organization of a conference that shows support for the Polisario. A report, requested by MPs from the People’s Party (PP) Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE), allowed the rejection of a proposal submitted by Podemos, a left-wing populist party.

The latter was planning to host on November the 16th, a support meeting at the Polisario’s headquarters.  

The event was initiated by the 43rd edition of «European Conference of Solidarity and Support for the Sahrawi People» (EUCOCO), which will take place on the 16th and 17th of November 2018 in Madrid with the participation of people from all five continents.

The meeting will be attended by senior officials from the Polisario, including the Front’s coordinator with the MINURSO M’Hamed Khaddad and Bachir Mustapha Sayed, the Polisario’s «Minister of occupied territories».

Refusing the Podemos' request

The report warned against the consequences of the organization of such an initiative. «Actions taken by the authorities to support the demands of SADR or the Polisario Front can affect diplomatic relations (with Morocco) and impact the interests» of Spain, reports Spanish online newspaper El Confidencial which has a copy of the report in question.

The intervention of the department of Foreign Affairs Minister Josep Borrell led Socialist MPs and others from the People’s Party to stand together and vote against the holding of the meeting. Podemos and its allied at the House of Representatives were unable to make their initiative take place, despite the support of Ciudadanos, a centre to centre-right political party in Spain.

The lower house has «prevented MPs from holding a debate on the future of Western Sahara. It is a serious violation of the fundamental rights of representatives and Spanish citizens», denounced Sergio Pascual, a Podemos’ member, on his Twitter account. By rejecting this initiative, Spain protects its diplomatic relations with Morocco.                

For the record, the headquarters of the French National Assembly had hosted a meeting scheduled by the 42nd edition of the «European Conference of Solidarity and Support for the Sahrawi People».