The United Nations Security Council extended, on Wednesday with the majority of its members, MINURSO's mandate for six months until April 30, 2019, reaffirming anew the pre-eminence of the Moroccan autonomy initiative to resolve the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

 "The Security Council decides to extend the MINURSO mandate until April 30, 2019," wrote the text of resolution 2440 submitted by the United States.

The executive body of the United Nations has enshrined, once again, the pre-eminence of the autonomy initiative, presented by the Kingdom on April 11th, 2007, commending the serious and credible efforts made by Morocco to move forward in the process aimed at a settlement of the Sahara conflict.

The resolution underlined, for the first time ever, that Algeria is a main party to the process seeking to find a realistic, practical and durable political solution to the Sahara issue.

The Security Council also stressed the importance of a renewed commitment to move forward in the political process in preparation for a fifth round of negotiations, and recalled its support for recommendation laid down in the report dated April 14, 2008 and which underlined that realism and the spirit of compromise are indispensable to achieve progress in the negotiations.

The resolution called on the parties to show political will and work in an atmosphere conducive to dialogue with a view to making headway in negotiations, thus ensuring the implementation of UNSC resolutions since 2007 and the success of talks.

The Council recognized that the political solution of this long-standing dispute and the strengthening of cooperation between the member States of the Arab Maghreb Union would contribute to stability and security, leading to the creation of jobs, growth and opportunities for all the peoples of the Sahel.