The UNSC enjoined on Wednesday the polisario to fully respect its commitment made to UNSG personal envoy for the Sahara Horst Kohler given the pressing need to avoid any activity whatsoever in Bir Lahlou, Tifariti or the buffer zone in Guergarat.

 In its resolution 2440, adopted on Wednesday, the UNSC enjoined the polisario, in unambiguous words, not to move some of its so-called administrative facilities to this zone and to fully fulfill its obligations regarding the buffer zone in Guergarat pursuant to resolution 2414.

The resolution swept aside the false allegations of the polisario concerning the so-called "freed territory", maintained by Algeria and the separatist movement. In fact, the commitment, duly laid down in resolution 2440, by the polisario to Horst Kohler about not returning to Guergarate or transferring facilities east of the defense structure is an explicit admission that these "freed territories" are a hoax.

In its resolution 2414 adopted last April, the UNSC voiced its concern over the presence of the polisario in Guergarat, enjoining the separatist group to immediately evacuate this region.

The council was worried about these maneuvers and enjoined the separatist militia to abstain from such destabilizing acts.