Abdellah Lahbib Bilal, «ministre de la Défense» du Polisario.

The Polisario sent its «Defense Minister» on a tour to Tifariti and Amheriz, located east of the berm, where he inaugurated several facilities. These inaugurations contradict the recommendations set by the UN Secretary General in resolution 2414.

Days before Morocco, Algeria, Mauritania and the Polisario Front attend the round-table, scheduled for the 5th and 6th of December in Geneva, the Front sent its «Minister of National Defense» on a tour to areas east of the Moroccan berm.

The Polisario official Abdellah Lahbib visted on Saturday, November the 24th, Amheriz, an area east of the berm. According to the Front’s «official news agency», Lahbib highlighted the efforts of the «Sahrawi People's Liberation Army» during his visit of «supervision and inspection of the units of the 4th regiment».

The following day, Abdallah Lahbib inaugurated «several facilities» and laid the foundation stone for the «construction of others», added the same source.

The official inaugurated an exemplary farm in Amheriz which is considered by the Front as part the «liberated territories».  
«The inauguration of the farm is part of the Sahrawi state's policy to restore and rehabilitate its liberated territories in order to make them livable for the inhabitants of the region», wrote SPS.

On Sunday, the Polisario’s «Defense Minister» arrived in Tifariti, where he «inquired about the situation of the military units of the army». In the same area, Lahbib is expected to inaugurate on Monday other facilities before chairing various meetings, reported the news agency.

Resolution 2414

However, facilities inaugurated by Abdellah Lahbib violate the recommendations set by the resolution 2414, adopted by the UN Security Council on April the 27th. The latter called the Polisario to withdraw from the «buffer strip in Guerguerat».

In the same resolution, the Secretary-General asked the Polisario to stop the «planned relocation of administrative functions to Bir Lahlou» and urged it to «refrain from any such destabilizing actions».

The recommendations of the UN Security Council came after Moroccan Foreign minister met, at the UN headquarters in New York, with UN Secretary General in April. Bourita handed a written message sent by King Mohammed VI to Antonio Guterres on the Polisario’s military presence in the buffer zones.

Bourita stated that the King spoke to the Portuguese diplomat, «fearing that the situation in Bir Lahlou and Tifariti worsens beyond any resolution unlike what happened in Guergarate». Twenty months after the eruption of the Guerguerate crisis, the UN has not been able to convince the Polisario to withdraw completely from the buffer zones.

On October the 31st, the UN Security Council adopted resolution 2440, which reaffirmed the calls of the previous document. «The Council called specifically on the POLISARO Front to adhere fully to its commitments to the Personal Envoy in respect of Bir Lahlou, Tifariti and the buffer strip at Guerguerat», wrote the UN in its resolution on the Western Sahara conflict.