Cocaine au Dakhla

Moroccan soldiers foiled on Tuesday a major drug trafficking operation which was unfolding in a region situated 250 km southeast of the city of Laayoune on Morocco’s defense wall in Sahara.
The Royal Armed Forces (FAR) fired warning shots on two suspect vehicles forcing the smugglers to stop and turn-off engine in Gueltat Zemmour. Search carried out in their vehicles led to the seizure by the Moroccan army of a huge haul of the drugs stashed in 148 boxes weighing in total 3.7 tons.
In December 2018, Moroccan authorities identified a farm used for storing and trafficking cocaine in Boujdour, a city in the Laayoune-Sakia el Hamra region.
This site was discovered by investigators after the seizure of more than one ton of cocaine and the arrest of seven people linked to an international criminal network specialized in trafficking cocaine between Latin America, Morocco, and Europe.