The Morocco-EU agricultural agreement, adopted on Wednesday by the European Parliament, is a strategic and solid agreement that benefits populations in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, said agriculture minister Aziz Akhannouch.

"This is a very positive vote that meets the expectations of Morocco," said the minister in a statement to the press, noting that this agreement will allow populations in the southern provinces to export their products in the best conditions and to deal freely with the European Union".

The minister recalled the consultations, conducted as part of the preparation for this agreement with the population in the southern provinces of the Kingdom, through elected officials who have contributed in a committed way to defending their project and their citizenship.

He also referred to the visits by the European parliamentarians to the southern provinces, which enabled them to get informed of the situation in these regions and the investment projects that were carried out.

This vote by an landslide majority enhances relations between Morocco and the European Union, said Akhannouch, adding that the fisheries and agriculture sectors employ around 66,000 people in the southern provinces, under the Moroccan Green plan and the Halieutis plan.

Akhannouch recalled the signing of the fisheries agreement between Morocco and the EU, on Monday in Brussels, which sets the access conditions for the European fleet and provides the requirements for sustainable fishing, stressing that this agreement will be put to the vote in February.

The European Parliament adopted this agreement with 444 votes in favor and 167 against.