Mijek : Une famille des camps de Tindouf observe un sit-in devant le siège de la MINURSO

A Tindouf camp family has been sitting in in front the MINURSO Team-site in Mijek, a small town located east of the Moroccan Wall, to protest against the «unfair» distribution of aid in the camps.

In a letter sent to the UN Personal Envoy to Western Sahara Horst Köhler, the MINURSO’s head and NGOs, and which Yabiladi took a look at, the father Hamoudi Bouchray Saleh mentioned the reasons behind his family’s move.

For the record, three Sahrawi merchants from the Tindouf camps did the same thing in October, 2018, to denounce the injustices of the Polisario Front and Algeria.

The Sahrawi protesters published a video on social media, saying that they are «speaking on behalf of the camps' inhabitants, who find it difficult to secure a living because of the restrictions put by the Front and Algeria on merchants».

The sit-in held, in October, in front of the MINURSO's office in Mijek got suspended days later. The decision was taken after the intervention of the UN mission and the Secretary-General Envoy to Western Sahara Horst Köhler, who said he would solve the problem after consulting the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the UN Human Rights Council.