Following the dividing conference organized in South Africa last week, the international network of artists and human rights defenders, PixelHELPER projected protest images on the walls of the Embassy of South Africa and Slovakia in Berlin, and at the Brandenburg Gate as a gesture of protest against the support of Iran and South Africa for terrorism through Polisario and Hezbollah.

In the social networks of this organization, the activists that conform it made public their digital protest based on the projection of several images, demanding the end of the support to all the forms of the terrorism, the disunion and the separation of nations.

Similarly, PixelHELPER denounced through this campaign, in an article and in several tweets, that Hezbollah is a terrorist organization that supports the polisario front and other terrorist organizations throughout the world. This organization also called for an end to terrorist factions in Africa so that people and nations can work without fear for the future of this continent.


It should be remembered that the creative organization PixelHELPER fights against social injustice through a global network of activists and artists using unusual and innovative means. Member artists often use the latest technologies and irony to impose political, human and social concerns and the big issues of the global agenda at the centre of the international media scene.