A Delegation of Elected Representatives of Southern Provinces Meets Icelandic Officials

A delegation of elected representatives of Morocco's southern provinces met Wednesday in Reykjavík with Icelandic officials to discuss the latest developments in the Moroccan Sahara issue.

According to the Moroccan embassy in Norway and Iceland, the delegation met with Sturla Sigurjónsson, permanent secretary of State at the Icelandic ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Áslaug Arna Sigurbjörnsdóttir, chair of Foreign Affairs Committee of Iceland's parliament.


During these talks, the Moroccan delegation reaffirmed the Kingdom's commitment to a "peaceful and lasting solution".


The delegation presented "the Moroccan autonomy initiative as an extended hand to the Moroccan Sahrawis stranded in the Tindouf camps, in a very vulnerable situation and not even enjoying United Nations refugee status".


The members of the delegation also underlined "the negative consequences of the lasting artificial dispute on the development of North and West Africa, fuelling poverty, unemployment, despair and political instability, as well as human trafficking mafias that increasingly target minors trafficked to Europe," the same source added.


The two parties also discussed possibilities for cooperation in various areas of common interest.


The Moroccan Sahara issue was also at the center of discussions held last Tuesday in Oslo between the delegation of elected representatives of the southern provinces and officials from the Norwegian ministry of Foreign Affairs and parliament.