Brahim Ghali declares war

Polisario’s leader Brahim Ghali has unveiled his old project of war against Morocco. The «mandatory step» could start with introducing compulsory military service in the camps, Ghali said in a video.

Obviously, young Sahrawis in the Tindouf camps are not interested in getting enrolled in the Polisario Front’s military schools voluntarily to join the ranks of its militias. Brahim Ghali, the separatist movement’s leader, is aware of this situation which could impact his old project of declaring war against Morocco.


«Obviously, war is an inevitable and mandatory step. Everyone is concerned by it and it is not a matter of overbidding. What we need to determine now is the 'when' and 'how'. This is another matter», Ghali said in a meeting with members of his general secretariat.


«Morocco refuses to give in because it is supported by international powers. And the proof is what happens at the United Nations and the situation of personal envoys who come and go due to various reasons. It is clear that the operation (the peace process, ed) is not bringing any results so this calls for a radical and offensive solution», Brahim Ghali threatened.



«Algeria is already informed about the project»


Before moving to an «offensive solution», Brahim Ghali is planning to get his plot studied beforehand, especially by implementing compulsory military service. «Volunteering is no longer a good option for our situation, especially now that we are in the middle of a liberation where the enemy is not giving up. This forces us to take radical measures», he explained.


Ghali was convinced of the appropriateness of his solution. «Military service will allow us to defeat the enemy, drive it out of our lands and build our state», he proclaimed.


In his four-minute speech, Brahim Ghali avoided mentioning the financial cost of this operation, especially as police and gendarmerie officers complain about the poor working conditions. Some of them have even rebelled against the authority of the Front.


«It is Algeria that will have to pay the cost of introducing compulsory military service in the Tindouf camps, which may cost a fortune. Brahim Ghali could not, under any circumstances, announce such a measure without the approval of the Algerian regime», an expert on the matter who requested anonymity told Yabiladi.