The Polisario ends up meeting MINURSO leader in Tindouf and not Bir Lahlou

In his report on the Moroccan Sahara to the Security Council, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has, once again, called on the polisario to comply with the practice established since the inception of MINURSO, consisting of meeting with his Special Representative Colin Stewart and MINURSO senior officials in Rabouni, in the Tindouf camps in Algeria, and not east of the security structure in the Moroccan Sahara.

In this report, the UN Secretary-General deplored the continued refusal of the "Polisario" to hold meetings with MINURSO civil and military officials in Rabouni, Algeria, in accordance with the practice established since 1991.


Guterres did not give in to the blackmail and the irresponsible and inadmissible maneuvers by the "Polisario" and severely criticized it for this obstructionism that undermines the functioning of MINURSO and hampers the implementation of its mandate.


It should be stressed that this is the third successive report where the UN Secretary-General summons the "polisario" to officially receive his Special Representative and hold meetings with MINURSO officials at its headquarters in Rabouni, Algeria.


The Secretary General regretted that his repetitive requests to this effect were not respected by the "polisario" and deplored that "the overall situation impedes good communication, and handicaps MINURSO in the implementation of its mandate".


The clear and firm position of the UN Secretary-General towards the venue of meetings between senior officials of MINURSO and the "polisario" in Rabouni in Algeria and not east of the security structure in the Moroccan Sahara, tramples over all the false and pretentious allegations of the "polisario" about the so-called "liberated territories" and alleged control east of the security structure.


This position of the UN Secretary General is perfectly in line with that of Morocco and upholds international law on the Moroccan Sahara issue.