Several petitioners denounced, Thursday before the 4th Committee of the United Nations General Assembly in New York, Polisario abuses in Tindouf Camps, expressing concern over the fate of populations held against their will there.

Speaking on this occasion, Sherry Erb (Oasis Network) denounced the lack of accountability for Polisario's abuses in the Tindouf camps, which generates several problems for the populations there, the United Nations, humanitarian agencies and countries in the region.


The fact that the Polisario, which is a military group, has total control over the Tindouf camps is an anachronistic situation compared to other similar cases, she noted, adding that as the Tindouf camps are on the Algerian territory also means that Algeria is morally and legally responsible for this tragedy that is taking place on its soil.


Humanitarian aid intended for camp residents has been found in many North African countries, as documented in the 2014 report by the European Anti‑Fraud Office, she pointed out.


In her turn, Donna Sams (Antioch Community Church) recalled her visits to the Tindouf camps, saying children there were deserting classrooms and embracing illicit activities, seeking to earn a living given the difficult access to humanitarian assistance that the Polisario is embezzling.


She said young camp residents wait in limbo, vulnerable to opportunities to smuggle arms, drugs and people to make money.


Broken families live divided between the Tindouf camps in southern Algeria and Morocco, she said, describing family as the backbone of society, vital to a lasting resolution.


The autonomy plan proposed by Morocco remains the best solution that will restore hope for a better future for these populations, she said.


For her part, Carroll Eads (Capitol Hill Prayer Partners)  said that if no resolution is found on the Sahara issue, another generation of youth living in the camps will be polarized and left with no intention of finding one.


The autonomy plan presented by Morocco remains the most viable and credible option for a rapid and politically feasible resolution to the Sahara conflict, she added.