The UN Security Council reiterated on Wednesday its "concern" over violations by Polisario of military agreements in the Sahara, while enjoining the separatist movement to respect its "commitments" in this regard to the former Personal Envoy of the UN Secretary-General, Horst Köhler.

In its resolution No 2494, which was adopted on Wednesday, the Security Council reaffirms "the importance of fully respecting the provisions of these agreements in order to maintain the momentum of the political process in the Sahara", while taking note of the "commitments made by Polisario" to the former Personal Envoy.


The Security Council resolution stresses that "the military agreements concluded with MINURSO regarding the ceasefire must be fully respected" and urges the parties "to fully adhere to them, to honor their commitments to the former Personal Envoy and to refrain from any action that could undermine the negotiations facilitated by the UN or destabilize the situation in the Sahara".


In its resolution No 2440 adopted in October 2018, the Security Council enjoined Polisario to withdraw completely from the Guergarat buffer zone and to refrain from any activity in the area east of the defense system of the Moroccan Sahara.


The Security Council had, unequivocally, enjoined Polisario to stop moving some of its so-called "administrative facilities" to this zone and to fully fulfill its obligations regarding the buffer zone in Guergarate pursuant to resolution 2414, dated April 2018.