The threat of terrorist attacks against foreigners in Tindouf and the risk of unrest in Algeria more generally, were corroborated by a new warning note issued Tuesday (Dec. 3) by the federal government of Canada.


After the warning issued on November 27 by the Spanish authorities against any trip in the Tindouf camps, and the confirmation of the existence of the threat less than a week later by Algeria, Canada has also warned its citizens against visiting the area.


In the warning, the Canadian federal government speaks of a real risk of “terrorist attacks”, “kidnapping” of foreign nationals, and even acts of “banditry” particularly in the Tindouf camps, where armed groups linked to jihadists await any opportunity to launch terror attacks.

Besides Tindouf, the Canadian government advises against any trips to the Algerian wilayas bordering on Mali, Libya, Niger and Mauritania.


On Monday, Spanish intelligence services made new revelations based on “accurate information” provided to them by their French counterparts, on real and imminent terrorist threats against Spanish humanitarians and MINURSO staff in Tindouf.


Terrorist attacks in Tindouf are imminent, including car bomb attacks, and abduction of foreigners, they said.


Spanish radio Cadena Ser on its part reported that the UN has declared a state of maximum alert for the MINURSO and UNHCR staff, based in Rabouni, headquarters of the Polisario separatist front.