Algerian-Mauritanian border: Polisario kills two Mauritanians

In his paranoia, the Polisario accuses Moroccans and Mauritanians of plundering the resources of the Sahara, meanwhile his ragged men have just committed the irreparable by taking the lives of two poor Mauritanian civilians accused of illegal gold panning.

Sunday night, two Mauritanians were killed in a chase by Polisario Front elements in the Gleibatt El Voul (North) area, according to a new report on Monday by the online news site. "Sahara Media".

"This serious incident occurred while the Polisario Front fighters were pursuing vehicles" allegedly belonging to Mauritanian miners prospecting in an area located 180 kilometers north of Zouerate, under the control of the separatist movement.

Last months, the Algerian authorities have arrested Mauritanian gold miners and handed them over to Nouakchott. This drift of the so-called Polisario soldiers will only exacerbate the already strained relations between the new Mauritanian government and the separatist front.