El Salvador Describes Autonomy Initiative as Only Basis for Realistic Solution of Western Sahara

The autonomy initiative presented by Morocco in 2007 to reach a final settlement to the Moroccan Sahara issue is the only basis for a realistic, viable and serious solution to this conflict, said a Joint Statement issued after the working visit to Morocco by Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of El Salvador Alexandra Hill Tinoco.

The Salvadoran government supports the serious and credible efforts made by Morocco to reach a realistic, pragmatic and durable political solution to this regional dispute, based on compromise, said the statement, issued after the meeting held on Thursday in Rabat by the Salvadoran official and Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita.

In accordance with Resolution 2494 of the United Nations Security Council, the Republic of El Salvador considers that the autonomy initiative "constitutes the only basis for a realistic, viable and serious solution, within the framework of full respect for the territorial integrity of the Kingdom of Morocco and its national sovereignty over its Southern Provinces," wrote the joint statement.

El Salvador reiterates "the withdrawal of recognition of the fake SADR as it was officially expressed on June 15, 2019 in San Salvador".

The two ministers also reaffirmed the need to strengthen multilateral diplomacy, through joint and effective collaboration, as well as the major coordination role of the United Nations, according to the document.