At Least 4 African countries Will Open Consulates in Laayoune Before End of 2020, FM

At least 4 African countries will open consulates in Laayoune before the end of next year, Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita announced Thursday.

Bourita, who was speaking at a joint press conference with his Comorian counterpart Souef Mohamed El Amine, after the inauguration of a consulate general of the Union of the Comoros in Laayoune, said that this city will experience an intense diplomatic activity during the coming months, by hosting the meetings of bilateral joint committees between Morocco and some African countries, as well as the Forum between Morocco and the Pacific countries which will bring together the Foreign Ministers of twelve countries.

After recalling the Gambia's decision to open shortly a consulate in Dakhla, the minister stressed that the opening of these diplomatic representations in the southern provinces will strengthen the role of this region as a gateway for the Kingdom to the African continent in accordance with the vision of HM King Mohammed VI.

In addition to their diplomatic action, these consulates will work to strengthen economic and commercial exchanges between Morocco and African countries, he said.

Bourita noted that the opening of this consulate is a major event as it allows Morocco to clarify that "the issue of the Moroccanness of its Sahara is non-negotiable and that the United Nations' effort focuses exclusively on the resolution of the regional conflict with a brother country which contradicts the historic and inalienable rights of the Kingdom for the recovery of its southern provinces."

The minister added that this event expresses the "strong" position and the "unwavering" support of the Union of the Comoros for the Moroccan identity of the Sahara, welcoming the historical relations between the two countries "based on solidarity, mutual respect and permanent dialogue on all issues."

Despite their geographic distance, Morocco and the Union of the Comoros are "very close" and driven by the shared will to strengthen their fruitful cooperation.