Brief Presence of Two MINURSO Observers at So-called Polisario Congress 'Does Not Imply Any Politica

The brief presence of two Minurso military observers at the so-called Polisario Congress in Tifariti "does not imply any political position" on their part or on Minurso's, which remains "strictly impartial in the fulfillment of its mandate," said on Monday Stéphane Dujarric, spokesperson for the UN Secretary General.

"On December 19, as part of their regular monitoring of the situation (in the Sahara) in support of the Minurso mandate, two UN military observers, based at their team's site in Tifariti, decided to visit the place of the so-called polisario congress, the spokesperson explained during his daily press briefing in New York.

The two observers "left soon after" and returned to their team's site, added Dujarric, saying that "their brief presence at this event does not imply any political position on the part of the observers or on Minurso's part, which remains strictly impartial in the fulfillment of its mandate."