Nasser Bourita: Morocco cannot reach a solution to the Sahara issue with "bandits".

The positions by the separatists concerning the crossing of the Africa Eco Race through the Moroccan Sahara are "simple, pathetic gestures, delusions and declarations", said, on Friday in Dakhla, Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccans Abroad Nasser Bourita.

These positions reflect "the level to which these people have lowered themselves," he said during a joint press briefing with his Guinean counterpart Mamadi Touré, on the occasion of the inauguration by the Republic of Guinea of its Consulate General in Dakhla.

Bourita said the problem facing the United Nations political process on the regional dispute over the Moroccan Sahara "today lies in the absence of a credible partner to reach a final solution under the Moroccan sovereignty".

The minister also described as "rogue behaviors", the positions and behaviors displayed by the separatists regarding the Africa Eco Race, adding that it is not with "louts" and their sponsors that Morocco will reach a solution to the Sahara issue.

Bourita also expressed the wish that the events relating to the Africa Eco Race "serve as a lesson" for the separatists, stressing, in this regard, that the international community needs "credible protagonists".

The separatists' statements remain a simple "storm in a glass of water", he underlined, recalling the clear positions expressed on this subject by the UN Security Council, which demanded the withdrawal of the separatists from the Guergarat area.

Bourita also recalled the recent statements by the UNSG spokesman who demanded "the maintenance of regular civil and commercial traffic" and called for "refraining from any action likely to alter the buffer zone's status quo".