Polisario, a Geopolitical Sham Lacking Statehood Attributes – Brazilian Paper

The Polisario is a geopolitical scam entity lacking all statehood attributes including historical and demographic aspects, Brazilian O Globo media outlet said.


The paper, in an op-ed by Moroccan ambassador to Brazil, shed light on the recent withdrawals by many Latin American states of the so-called SADR republic, a puppet state created by Algeria.


The Ambassador, Nabil Adghighi, recalled the recent position of the Bolivian government to withdraw its recognition of the Algerian-backed Polisario state, adding that similar positions in support of Morocco’s territorial integrity have been expressed by Jamaica, Salvador, Maduro government in Venezuela and Suriname, to cite but a few.


In Africa and the Arab world the bulk majority does not recognize the SADR, which has no legal status at the UN, the Arab League, and the Non Aligned Movement.


“When Morocco raised the Sahara issue within the UN in 1960, the Polisario had no existence back then simply. It was created in a Cold War context by Libya and Algeria under the form of a guerrilla before it was transformed after its defeat into a separatist movement,” he said.


The Polisario was also created amid post-independent ideological divergences between Morocco and Algeria.


The SADR has “no predecessor in history and no popular or demographic legitimacy,” he said.


Morocco has always defended self-determination since 1961, when the Kingdom launched a conference on liberation movements of the colonies under Portuguese rule.


Morocco has also supported Nelson Mandela’s armed struggle between 1960 and 1962 and has backed Algeria’s independence at all fronts, he said.


Therefore, Morocco supports the principle of self-determination, which should never be used to back separatism and invent a “people” out of the blue.


The Ambassador also highlighted the ordeal of the refugees in Tindouf who are the only in the world who have never been counted by the UN refugee Agency.