Child Soldiers in Polisario

The forced recruitment of child soldiers by the "polisario" continues with impunity under the watchful eyes of the international community and the UN, Spanish website "" says Friday.


There can be no justification for the "polisario's" enlistment of children in uniforms forced to take part in military maneuvers, stresses the Spanish website in an article entitled "Child soldiers at the polisario front" and illustrated with recent video footage showing children in uniforms in a military parade through the Tindouf camps.


Two weeks after the celebration of the International Day against the Use of Child Soldiers (12 February), "polisario" defies the international community and the UN Charter and systematically violates the most basic rights of children, the publication notes.


"War is not a game... We must educate children to peace and coexistence and not to war," writes the website, denouncing the true face of polisario, which uses "children as currency" to "continue to live on humanitarian aid and become richer".


This international humanitarian aid intended for the population of Tindouf, deplores the Spanish publication, is being sold on the black market by polisario leaders who are becoming increasingly wealthy.