How Nordic NGOs turn a blind eye to what is happening in the Tindouf camps

Nordic human rights NGOs are focusing their attention on Moroccan Sahrawis living peacefully in Morocco, while they turn a blind eye to the situation of an entire population victim of polisario abuses in the Tindouf camps.

Forced marriages of underage girls are among the most blatant violations of human rights perpetrated by the Polisario in the Tindouf camps. Underage girls are forced to abide by these archaic practices to quell the nauseating instincts of the separatist movement leaders.

women in the Tindouf camps are subjected to other violations, particularly polygamy or the practice of interchanging women between militiamen.
Ten years after she was raped by the current head of the Polisario, Brahim Ghali, who was then positioned in Algiers as the separatists’ representative, the young woman Khadijatou Mahmoud is still fighting for justice in Spain against her rapist.

Khadijatou Mahmoud, ex-translator in the Tindouf camps, also denounced in her plea the sexual assaults suffered by other Sahrawi women in the Tindouf camps in Algerian territory.

However, NGOs in Norway and Sweden ignore the fate of these victims of abuses as they turn a blind eye to the embezzlement of the aid they send to the needy inhabitants of the Tindouf camps. This aid is actually sold by the polisario leaders on the markets of neighboring countries.

An identified theft involving Brahim Ghali and his accomplices at a time when the camps populations need everything to cope with the hardships of their everyday life, a life made more difficult with the Coronavirus pandemic in the camps that have no running water or sanitation, nor any adequate health facilities to treat the sick.