Creation of MSP Marks 'Beginning of the End for the Corrupt Front' of Polisario (Peruvian expert)

The recent creation of the Movement of Sahrawis for Peace (MSP) marks the "beginning of the end for the corrupt front" of the Polisario, said the Peruvian expert in international relations Ricardo Sánchez Serra.

"The future of the polisario is gloomy and the MSP has confirmed its decline", the expert pointed out in an article published on the information website "Prensa21", adding that "the populations of Tindouf are held against their will by the polisario, which is not recognized by the UN as a liberation movement, because the organization is fully aware that it is not independent and survives thanks to the Algerian government."


The new movement "is a real alternative to the corrupt front", he said, recalling that "the Sahrawi populations held at the Tindouf camps on Algerian territory are deprived of their rights, isolated from the rest of the world and live in inhuman conditions."


The Peruvian expert noted that "one of the most important aspects to get a proper grasp of the regional dispute (over the Moroccan Sahara) is the issue of representativeness", recalling the diplomatic failure last year of the polisario and its Algerian supporter, when the Special Committee C-24 of the United Nations invited elected representatives of the Moroccan Sahara to participate in its meetings.


Sánchez Serra stressed, in this regard, that "the Movement of Sahrawis for Peace has put an end to the myth according to which the polisario is the only representative of Sahrawis".


During four decades in the camps, "the detained populations have never experienced democracy which could allow a sort of representativeness", he noted, adding that the polisario "exercises individually and exclusively a totalitarian and authoritarian" rule in the camps through militias that ban mobility, rallies and the right to criticize.


The Peruvian expert also said that the MSP has sent a letter to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres, in which it expressed its readiness to work for a "peaceful solution".


"The populations held in Tindouf are not refugees, they are hostages of the polisario", he pointed out, adding that the MSP seeks to be "a political option while exerting a positive influence with a view to reach a peaceful solution" to the Moroccan Sahara issue.