The Algerian state cynicism has no limits. From its latent form which shapes governance on a daily basis, it sometimes takes phenomenal proportions going as far as the loss of reason.

The state of mind of this failed regime is often expressed through its press or its official agency (APS). Like a barometer, it measures the worrying degree of despair by the country's leaders and provides information on the lack of a horizon for an agonising economy and the continuous anguish over an inevitable resumption of street unrest. This explosive cocktail of frustrations explains the obsessive relentlessness regarding Morocco and its institutions.


This is the case of the news story dated May 19, 2020_ the precision of the date is not trivial because it is a first in the history of low-level journalism practiced by this agency_ describing MEPs as "Zionists" for the simple reason that they denounced the disastrous situation of humans right in Algeria and the policy of baton charge against journalists and militants of Hirak.


Not only does Algiers see Morocco's implication in it, but it pushes the hysteria further by making up stories about an operation by the "Moroccan-Zionist lobby" which is striving to prevent Algeria from finding the path of stability, order, rights, freedoms and growth.


In this news story inspired by Gestapo reports, the APS terms the MEPs as being "Zionists" for having written a simple letter to the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs Josep Borrell in which they requested an urgent reaction over the human rights situation in Algeria.


The case is well known and this letter is only the latest in a series of calls made by MEPs and international NGOs on the repression in this country which, in the context of the pandemic of Covid-19, witnessed unbearable proportions.


MEPs also wanted, through this letter, to urge the European Union to shoulder its responsibilities and follow up on the resolution of the European Parliament dated November 2019 on the situation of freedoms in Algeria, which remained pending. The same applies to their duty to inform, raise awareness and monitor the situation in the country with regard to its international commitments, notably its relations with the European Union, which include a whole chapter on human rights.  


This European Parliament resolution "strongly condemns the arbitrary and unlawful arrest, detention, intimidation and attacks against journalists, trade unionists, lawyers, students, human rights defenders and civil society as well as all peaceful demonstrators who participate in peaceful Hirak protests".


The same concern was recently expressed by the International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) and the World Organization against Torture (OMCT) in a joint report on the repression of human rights defenders in Algeria.


In addition to the violent remarks towards the European deputies, the APS did not find something to back up its disgusting discourse and resorted to old cases to recall a page that Morocco turned for more than 20 years thanks to an unprecedented transitional justice process and bold reforms that have established the rule of law and democracy.


In a jumble of insults and deafening ranting, the Algerian agency did not hesitate to divert from its context, using blatant lies, part of the history of Morocco, without forgetting to reserve a paragraph to its puppet "the Polisario" by giving it stripes bigger than its size while hallucinating about a so-called "extraordinary success within the international community".