Hungary Reiterates its Official Position on Moroccan Sahara Issue

 Hungary has reiterated its official stance on the Moroccan Sahara issue, saying that it has no relationship with the so-called 'SADR'.

In a correspondence to the Moroccan embassy in Budapest, the Hungarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade reiterated the country's official position on the Moroccan Sahara, saying that "Hungary has no relationship with the so-called 'SADR', said Friday a statement from the embassy of the Kingdom.


"This renewed position of this central European country, with which Morocco maintains long-standing relations of more than 60 years, was voiced following the publication in May 2020 of a book in Hungarian language which claims a long relationship between Hungary and the so-called SADR," the statement pointed out.


"With this new official confirmation of its position regarding the fake 'SADR', Hungary discredits the theses and propaganda spread by the polisario and its relays, and thus consolidates the Kingdom in its legitimate stance on the Moroccan Sahara", the source said.