Algeria, Party and Problem in Moroccan Sahara issue (Peruvian Expert)

Algeria is both a party and a problem in the issue of the artificial dispute over the Moroccan Sahara, said Peruvian expert in international relations Ricardo Sánchez Serra, stressing the diplomatic setbacks suffered by the Algerian regime and its creation, the polisario.

In an article published by the daily "La Razón" and the news website "Prensa 21", Sánchez Serra added that the United Nations involved Algeria in the talks on the Sahara issue, not as an observer but as party to the conflict (...) In other words, Algeria is not an observer country but rather a problem for the settlement of this artificial regional dispute.


Algeria is required to respond to questions and requests from various international organizations, in particular those related to the census of Sahrawis held on its soil as requested by the United Nations for years, he said, noting that the Algerian regime cannot hide or deny having committed human rights violations in the Tindouf camps, where the Sahrawi population suffer in inhuman conditions for 45 years.


The Peruvian expert added that Algeria and its creation, the Polisario, are suffering successive diplomatic setbacks on all fronts, noting that the last setback was from the United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention (UNWGAD) on the case of human rights activist El Fadel Breica, detained for more than four months in the Tindouf camps on the Algerian soil.


Sanchez Serra also highlighted other setbacks suffered by the Algerian regime and its puppet, in particular the non-recognition of the "fake republic '' and the exclusion of the polisario from participation in the bilateral summits of the African Union (AU) with other countries, recalling that the AU has decided to support the United Nations to find a solution to the artificial conflict over the Moroccan Sahara, which constitutes, in the opinion of the Peruvian expert , "a new defeat" for the separatists.