Lennox Linton

A new scandal involving the Polisario and its Algerian sponsors has made the headlines in a country in Latin America and the Caribbean. Caribbean daily WIC News reported on Monday that the separatist group had handed over 500,000 dollars to the Commonwealth of Dominica's opposition leader Lennox Linton to fund his campaign for the 2019 general election.

"The case dates back to October 2017 when Linton and his deputy Crispin Grigwar met with Polisario leader Brahim Ghali," said the daily, citing an article from the Ajit USA illustrated with a photo of the meeting.


"Member of Parliament and Leader of the Opposition Lennox Linton visited Brahim Ghali in October 2017, where Linton supported the separatist objectives of Brahim Ghali, who faces serious criminal charges in the National Court of Spain", wrote WIC News.


"Lennox Linton received the $ 500,000 from the Polisario Front as campaign funding and Ghali offered him fertilizers for Dominica's farmers, but Linton did not act on his promises ever since he received the said funds", added the same source.


The Caribbean daily said that the scandal was also reported by another European media outlet, CCE News, which discussed in detail this new case of corruption involving the separatist movement.


WIC News also underlined to the notorious reputation of Brahim Ghali, often described as "torturer" of the separatist movement in view of his past bloody activities which make him "the most wanted man in Spain".


"In Tindouf camp, under the control of the Polisario Front with some 90,000 people, voices are being raised to denounce the embezzlement of aid, the inhuman conditions and the repression of opposition," said the same source.


The WIC News concluded by saying, whether regarding the aid sent by the UN or the one channeled by the European Union, the Polisario persists in selling the products instead of distributing them to the populations suffering in the camps.