Latin American Expert Highlights Relevance of Autonomy Plan

The relevance of the Moroccan Autonomy Initiative as a realistic solution to the Moroccan Sahara issue has been highlighted by the president of the Latin American Center for Democracy Studies, Antonio Yelpi Aguilar, who underlined that this proposal is the only lasting solution to this artificial conflict. 

"Autonomy is the only possible way to a settlement of the conflict, in full respect of the territorial integrity of the Kingdom and the fundamental rules of international law, while ensuring peace and development in the region", Yelpi told MAP.


This consultant from the Africa Latina Foundation added that "the autonomy proposed by Rabat as an expression of an equitable self-determination in accordance with international legality constitutes a political framework to achieve a realistic solution".


The autonomy plan was inspired by the relevant UN proposals and the constitutional provisions in force in the States geographically and culturally close to Morocco, just as it is based on internationally recognized norms and standards, he noted.


Under the Moroccan autonomy plan, he explained, the populations of the Sahara region will be able to manage their affairs themselves in a democratic manner through legislative, executive and judicial bodies, noting that they will have the necessary financial resources for the development of the region in all areas and will participate actively in the economic, social and cultural life of the Kingdom.


Highlighting the significant efforts made by Morocco during more than four decades to promote the development of the region, Yelpi Aguilar observed that the new development model of the southern provinces has notably enabled this part of the Kingdom to consolidate its modernization process.


Over the past few years, the Kingdom has accelerated the process of modernization and development of its southern provinces, making concrete its proposal for autonomy and economic and social development of the region, he pointed out.