After the dissolution of CODESA, Aminatou Haidar heads a new pro-Polisario association

Aminatou Haidar has created a new association. In the middle of the Covid-19 crisis, and without the intervention of local authorities, the members of the new body gathered on Sunday, September 20, in a house in Laayoune. The meeting was to launch the «Sahrawi Instance against the Moroccan Occupation».

The meeting was held in memory of former Polisario leader Mohamed Abdelaziz who dided in 2016.

During his lifetime, he treated Aminatou with respect and supported her financially. His successor, Brahim Ghali, on the other hand marginalized the pro-Polisario activist.

The attendees appointed an assembly made up of 32 people, an executive board of 6 members and the presidency of the association went naturally to Aminatou Haidar.  

For the record, on September 2, Haidar announced the dissolution Collective of Sahrawi Human Rights Defenders (CODESA). Almost three weeks later, the creation of the new body was announced.